REPORT FROM THE COMMISSION United Kingdom Report prepared in accordance with Article 126(3) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union

1. The ninth European Semester began in November 2019 with the publication of the Commission’s Annual Growth Survey, which set out the EU’s growth priorities for the coming year.

2. The next stage of the European Semester was the publication of Country Reports in February 2020. The reports contained an assessment of the implementation of the 2019 Country-Specific Recommendations.

3. Following this, Member Sates submitted their National Reform Programmes (NRPs) and Stability or Convergence Programmes to the European Commission. Country-specific Recommendations were drafted by the Commission on the basis of these reports.

4. An Explanatory Memorandum has been submitted in parallel covering CSRs addressed to Member States and reports in relation to Article 126(3) of the Treaty of the Functioning European Union (TFEU) on Member States’ excessive deficits and budgetary situations.

Topic  Economic 
Department  HMT 
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COM Reference  COM(20)557 
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