REPORT FROM THE COMMISSION TO THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND THE COUNCIL on the implementation of the Common Monitoring and Evaluation Framework and first results on the performance of the Common Agricultural Policy

1. The 2013 reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) established a Common Monitoring and Evaluation (CME) Framework with the aim of measuring the performance of the CAP implementation for the period 2014-2020. The Regulations provided for two reports, an initial report in 2018 and a final report in 2021. This document is the initial report, prepared by the European Commission for the European Parliament and the Council, on the implementation of the CME Framework. The final assessment of CME within the CAP for the period 2014-2020 is expected in 2021.

2. This report gives the Commission’s first assessment of the performance of the CAP in 2014-2020. For the first time, the CME covers the whole CAP: Direct Payments and market measures in Pillar 1, Rural Development in Pillar 2 and the horizontal measures, including cross compliance.

3. This initial assessment of the performance of the CAP focusses specifically on the three general objectives of the CAP, which are:

a. Viable food production, with a focus on agricultural income, agricultural productivity and price stability.
b. Sustainable management of natural resources and climate action, with a focus on greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity, soil and water.
c. Balanced territorial development, with a focus on rural employment, growth and poverty in rural areas.

4. Important conclusions of the Commission are that EU prices are now closer to world market prices and intervention storage schemes are implemented less frequently than they were twenty years ago. The Commission also emphasises that the CAP now operates a market safety net, supporting prices in sectors that are faced with excessive and/or exceptional price

Topic  Agriculture 
Department  DEFRA 
Council Reference  15268/18 
COM Reference  COM(18)790 
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