Proposal for a REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on the European Border and Coast Guard and repealing Council Joint Action n°98/700/JHA, Regulation (EU) n° 1052/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council and Regulation (EU) n° 2016/1624 of the European Parliament and of the Council A contribution from the European Commission to the Leaders’ meeting in Salzburg on 19-20 September 2018

1. This Explanatory Memorandum (EM) concerns a proposal for legislation from the European Commission to the Council of the European Union (EU) on reinforcing the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (the Agency, also still known as Frontex), and incorporating the Agency, a legislative base for the False and Authentic Documents Online (FADO) system and an expanded European Border Surveillance System (Eurosur) into the same Regulation.

2. In its explanatory memorandum, the Commission states that the European Border and Coast Guard Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/1624) made improvements to both the control of the external EU borders and the effective return of irregular migrants. However, the Commission asserts that more needs to be done in these areas to meet future migration challenges and ensure the Agency can respond to the ambition and needs of the EU.

3. In February 2018, the Commission set out its vision for a strengthened and fully operational Agency and proposed in May to create a standing corps of 10,000 border guards and to triple funding for migration and border management . It also proposed to provide financial support to equip and train the national component of the Agency in Member States. To that end, on 12 June 2018, the Commission proposed a combination of the Asylum and Migration Fund, Border Management Instrument and Internal Security Fund to total €20.9 billion (£18.8 billion) in the next Multi-Annual Financial Framework, starting in 2021.

4. In addition, in its June 2018 conclusions, and supported by Member States, the European Council underlined the need for a strengthened Agency with more resources and an enhanced mandate (including in cooperation with third countries) to more effectively control the EU’s external borders. In its Resolution of May 2018, the European Parliament called for an Integrated Border

Topic  Migration 
Department  Home Office 
Council Reference  12143/18 
COM Reference  COM(18)631 
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