Proposal for a REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL amending Regulation (EU) 2017/625 as regards official controls on animals and products of animal origin exported from third countries to the Union to ensure compliance with the prohibition of certain uses of antimicrobials

1. European Union (EU) Regulation 2019/6 (on veterinary medicinal products) does not make provisions for official controls on compliance of imports from third countries into the EU with Article 118(1) of that Regulation. As there currently is no legal basis for such controls, the proposed Regulation is needed to enable appropriate implementation and enforcement of this Article.

2. Article 118(1) of EU Regulation 2019/6 sets out prohibitions for operators in third countries on the use of antimicrobial medicines in animals for the purpose of promoting growth or increasing yield, and on the use in animals of antimicrobials or groups of antimicrobials reserved for treatment of certain infections in humans, where this relates to animals and products of animal origin exported from those countries to the EU.

3. EU Regulation 2017/625 (on official controls on animals and products of animal origin, including those entering the EU from third countries) could ordinarily be used to enable the official controls to legally take place, but in the present case official controls on compliance with EU Regulation 2019/6 are effectively excluded by Article 1(4)(c) of EU Regulation 2017/625. The proposed Regulation is a technical amendment to Article 1(4)(c) to include controls on compliance with EU Regulation 2019/6 Article 118(1) in the scope of EU Regulation 2017/625.

4. Implementing legislation specifying the particulars for official controls in relation to Article 118(1) is, as of yet, not publicly available and therefore details on those controls are not yet available.

5. The proposed Regulation would also correct a minor error in Article 47(1)(e) of EU Regulation 2017/625. This relates to an incorrect reference to an Article in EU Regulation 2016/429 (the EU’s Animal Health Law) which applies from 21 April 2021.

Topic  Environment 
Department  DEFRA 
Council Reference  6916/21 
COM Reference  COM(21)108 
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