Proposal for a Decision of the European Parliament and of the Council amending Decision (EU) 2020/265 as regards adjustments to the amounts mobilised from the Flexibility Instrument for 2020 to be used for migration, refugee inflows and security threats, for immediate measures in the context of the COVID-19 outbreak and for reinforcement of the European Public Prosecutor's Office

The Commission announced several proposals to provide EU budgetary support to Member States for Covid-19 responses throughout March and April 2020. These proposals contain a mixture of repurposed and new budgetary commitments, as well as a scheme backed by guarantees from Member States. The Commission’s Communication “Coronavirus Response Using every available euro in every way possible to protect lives" (7159/20), sets out its overall intent for the package of measures.
2. Further detail on how the Commission plans to direct Covid-19 expenditure is set out by Draft Amending Budgets (DABs) 1 and 2. DAB1 also includes spending measures which are related to migration and reconstruction efforts. (7011/20 and 7142/20)
3. This explanatory memorandum (EM) summarises the collection of publications listed in the title of this document. It is structured thematically and the individual documents within scope are referenced throughout, where relevant.

Topic  EU Funds 
Department  HMT 
Council Reference  7048/20 
COM Reference  COM(20)140 
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