Court of Auditors Special Report: No. 4: The control system for organic products has improved, but some challenges remain

1. The European Court of Auditors (ECA) has published a special report that sets out the results of audits examining the control system for organic products.

2. The report looks at progressions to tighten organic controls put into place by the European Commission and Members States since the ECA produced a report in 2012.

The 2012 report made the following recommendations:

• Recommendation 1: “Competent authorities should strengthen their supervisory role over control bodies by applying appropriate documented procedures for approving and supervising control bodies, by promoting harmonisation in the definition of infringements, irregularities and corresponding sanctions, and by promoting identified good practices.”

• Recommendation 2: “Member States should ensure a direct flow of all relevant information on infringements and irregularities from the control bodies to the paying agencies and vice versa; and the Commission should specify the form and timing of communications of infringements and irregularities, introduce appropriate measures to ensure that Member States respect their reporting obligations and revise the information system provided for the communication of infringements and irregularities and consider including communications affecting third countries.”

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