COMMUNICATION FROM THE COMMISSION A renewed European Agenda for Research and Innovation - Europe's chance to shape its future The European Commission's contribution to the Informal EU Leaders' meeting on innovation in Sofia on 16 May 2018

1. The European Commission (EC) has issued a communication which outlines how the European Union (EU) can continue to strengthen its current research and innovation (R&I) ecosystem. The document also highlights the progress that has been made by the EU in the field of R&I.

2. The document outlines concerns that the EU is falling behind other large economies in terms of investment in research and innovation, citing a lack of relative research and development intensity. It explores the impact of existing research and innovation strategies as well as highlighting 6 specific areas through which to boost R&I activity within the EU in order to improve competitiveness and realise the benefits of R&I sooner.

Topic  Innovation 
Department  DBEIS 
Council Reference  8921/18 
COM Reference  COM(18)306 
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PE Cons   
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